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Spryke is a n immersive and deeply crafted platformer about a deep sea cyberfish who discovers the joys of dry land! Armed only with her speed, agility and insta-bubble, no obstacle will stand in Spryke’s way in this fast-paced journey of self-discovery where every split-second counts! Imagine a game from the golden era of 2D platformers - a time of unbridled creativity and demanding challenge - but with cutting edge production values, more finesse than was ever possible then, and today's gameplay innovations. Spryke is the sort of gorgeous, richly detailed 2D platform that a kid in the 80s could only dream of playing!


“Hawkeye, Commander Keen 4, Yoshi’s Island, Wonder Boy: These games always managed to transport me to beautiful worlds full of breathtaking challenges -- and for the time, they were on the cutting edge of technology: brand new, exciting, and gorgeous,” says Dave Bleja, founder of Volnaiskra. “With Spryke, I’m leaving quaint, pixelated graphics behind to make a game that embodies the creativity and challenge of the classics married with the production values and innovative gameplay players demand today. I’m aiming to make Spryke nothing short of one of the remarkable platformers of this generation!”


  • FAST-PACED PLATFORMING ACTION: Snappy level design, tight controls and instant respawn work together to provide a hardcore challenge without the frustration.
  • DIVE INTO A LUSH, RICH UNIVERSE: A level of visual detail and intricacy rarely seen in indie games which brings Spryke’s universe to life. You will journey through a cartoony scifi saga full of strange creatures, stunning locales, and uncompromising animation.
  • INSTA-BUBBLE: Float through the air using your own momentum with a unique bubble mechanic that feels super satisfying to use.
  • MASTERY AWAITS: Every moment counts as the Sporalium evaporates in each level. You’ll always be rewarded for perfecting your runs.
  • NON-LINEAR PROGRESSION: Finding a level too hard? No problem! A highly granular progression system means that you'll always have multiple paths to choose from.
  • A WEALTH OF SECRETS AND UNLOCKABLES: The world is full of secrets and hard-to-reach resources. Find them to unlock sections of your mysterious new home base and learn more about the world above.


Spryke Teaser Trailer YouTube

Spryke Behind The Scenes - How deeply crafted can a platformer get? YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "...I saw the art for this game and I fell in love. Look at it! It's gorgeous! It lifts my soul."
    - Armaan Khan, handsometrustworthy.com
  • "One of my personal favourite games I played this year in the IGR"
    - Aido, d1dlc.com
  • "Spryke stands out across a room with its bright palette, beautiful backgrounds and fantastic animations"
    - Brad Paull, d1dlc.com

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About Volnaiskra

Volnaiskra is Dave Bleja, a solo independent developer based in Melbourne Australia. After over 10 years working as an animator, illustrator, multimedia developer and exhibition designer, Dave quit his job in 2014 to pursue a long held dream of being a game developer.

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Spryke Credits

Dave Bleja
Development, Art, Design

Aimee Burslem
Character Design

Michael Trott
Music, Sound Design

Ade Vincent
Music, Sound Design

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